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Hydro Logic is a leader in providing natural, innovative, cost-effective solutions to improve the water quality and clarity of ponds, lakes, reservoirs, canals and marinas. Our standard AirLift aeration systems are built for aerating and mixing ponds, lakes, canals and marinas. We also design and build custom aeration systems for larger lakes and reservoirs. In addition, Hydro Logic carries its own concentrated bacteria additives and colorants (dyes) for improving the water quality and appearance of ponds and lakes.

Hydro Logic MicroLife Clear Pond Bacteria – How to Apply

MicroLife Clear beneficial bacteria for ponds and small lakes by Hydro Logic Products.  The video shows how to apply the water soluble packs (WSPs) to ponds and smaller lakes.  For larger lakes and more troublesome ponds, the use of MicroLife Clear Max should be applied instead.

Hydro Logic AirPod Air Diffusers

Hydro Logic AirPod air diffusers for our Hydro Logic AirLift pond aerator and lake aeration systems in action! One of the most durable, reliable and affordable air diffusers for ponds, lakes, reservoirs, wastewater, and industry including oil and gas produced water pits (frac pits).

Big Bass and Hydro Logic Aeration

Hydro Logic AirLift aeration systems are used to cost-effectively aerate and completely mix ponds and lakes using our AirPod micro-bubble technology. Our Hydro Logic AirLift aeration systems improve water quality and clarity resulting in dramatic improvements in pond and lake fisheries.

Grae Buck – How to Clean Up Mucky Pond Sediments- MicroLife Clear Get the Muck Out Pond Bacteria Pucks

MicroLife Get the MUCK OUT! is an all natural formulation of concentrated beneficial bacteria for use in ponds and lakes. Apply this all season product around in shallow pond and lake areas to breakdown and digest organic sediments (pond and lake muck).

MicroLife Clear Max Bacteria – How to Apply in Lakes

MicroLife Clear Max beneficial bacteria for larger lakes and stubborn ponds by Hydro Logic Products.  The video shows how to apply this extremely concentrated bacteria to lakes using a tank mixed with lake water. For smaller lakes and ponds, consider using our standard blend of beneficial bacteria – MicroLife Clear.

Biological Control of Aquatic Plants

Penn State University video which describes the use of triploid grass carp, barley straw, bacterial products and pond dyes to control aquatic plant and algae growth. Highlighted in this video is Hydro Logic MicroLife Clear bacteria additives and Hydro Logic AquaSplash Blue pond dyes (Penn State University – brs0725)

Physical Control of Aquatic Plants

Penn State University Video which describes physical strategies to control nuisance aquatic plant and algae growth including pulling, cutting, raking, pond aerators, drawdown, dredging and mechanical harvesting. Highlighted in this video is Hydro Logic AirLift pond and lake aeration systems (Penn State University – brs0725)

Leisure Lake Restoration Project

Video highlights lake improvement projects for Leisure Lake which includes installing a Hydro Logic AirLift 6 aeration system (Courtesy of Mark Fitzgerald, Nov 13, 2011)

Aeration Systems with Grae Buck

Champion Professional Bass Angler Grae Buck provides an overview of Hydro Logic Products AirLift aeration systems.  In addition, he highlights some of Hydro Logic’s pond and lake management products including MicroLife Clear bacteria additives for ponds and lakes, MicroLife Clear Max for larger lakes and AquaSplash Blue and Black pond dyes. MicroLife powdered bacteria products are used to improve water quality and water clarity and breakdown organic pond and lake muck. Conversely, MicroLife Get the Muck Out is solid bio-pucks to specifically target pond and lake muck and sediment for accelerated rates of pond muck breakdown and lake muck digestion.

A series of 12 pond management videos produced by the Pennsylvania State University and the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission

Benefits of Aeration

Learn more about why you should aerate your pond or lake


How AirLift Aerators Work

Learn how AirLift pond aerators & lake aeration systems work

The AirLift Advantage

Learn why AirLift pond & lake aerators  are the best in the industry

AirPod Air Diffusers

Learn why our AirPod air diffusers are the most durable & reliable

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