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Pond & Lake Aeration & Aquatic Products

AirLift Aeration Overview

Overview of Our AirLift Aeration Systems

Hydro Logic Products is the manufacturer of AirLift™ aeration systems for ponds, lakes, large lakes, reservoirs, bays and marinas. Ponds include both natural and man-made ponds, stormwater retention ponds, wastewater treatment basins, drinking water reservoirs, acid mine drainage treatment basins, and basins (pits) used by industry.

Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality, most reliable aeration systems on the market! All of our AirLift™ pond and lake aeration systems were designed and field-tested by our highly qualified team of professional lake managers and engineers.

Hydro Logic pond and lake aeration systems are categorized by Series and these Series are listed below:


  • AirLift Pond & Small Lake Series
  • AirLift XL Deep Pond & Lake Series
  • AirLift HighFlow Large Lake Series
  • AirLift Custom Series
  • AirLift De-Icer Series

What Size Aeration System Do I Need?

AirLift 10 High Flow Lake Aerator - Hydro Logic

AirLift Series

1/4 acres up to 12+ acres
Sizing Guide
AirLift 10 High Flow Lake Aerator - Hydro Logic

AirLift XL Series

1/4 acre up to 12+ acres
Sizing Guide
AirLift 10 High Flow Lake Aerator - Hydro Logic

AirLift HighFlow

10 acres up to 22+ acres
Sizing Guide
(2) 125HP Aeration Air Compressors

Custom Systems

25 to 750+ acres
Sizing Guide

AirLift & AirLift XL Series – Pond & Lake Aeration Series

Our AirLift™ and AirLift XL™ pond and lake aeration systems are designed and built to completely mix and aerate ponds and smaller lakes. Our AirLift™ and AirLift XL™ systems use billions of micron sized bubbles to cost effectively improve water quality.

The AirLift XL™ series is most often installed in deeper ponds and lakes that exceed 20 feet in water depth. This often can result in using less aeration tubing resulting is greater cost savings for those customers with deeper ponds and lakes.

 Our AirLift and AirLift XL Series pond and lake aeration systems come with either one (1) or two (2) of our standard air compressors.  Our AirLift Series aeration systems can accept up to six (6) AirPod air diffusers. Our AirLift XL Series aeration systems can accept up to four (4) AirPod XL air diffusers.

AirLift HighFlow Series – Large Lake Aeration Series

Our AirLift HighFlow™ lake aeration systems are designed and built to completely mix and aerate larger lakes and reservoirs or difficult to manage ponds that require more aeration. For lakes over 25 acres, many customers prefer to install multiple AirLift HighFlow aeration systems rather than a single larger, custom aeration system. By doing so, this allows those customers with aeration system redundancy in case there is an equipment failure.

Similar to our AirLift and AirLift XL Series, our AirLift HighFlow Series use billions of micron sized bubbles to cost effectively improve water quality. Our AirLift HighFlow Series comes standard with two HighFlow air compressors and four (4) to ten (10) AirPod air diffusers. The AirPod air diffusers in the AirLift HighFlow Series can be upgraded to AirPod XL air diffusers based on our your needs.

Installation of a Hydro Logic AirLift HighFlow lake aeration system in Stony Brook Lake.

Stony Brook Lake is 15 acres in size and lake aeration was installed to improve water quality and water clarity plus breakdown accumulated organic sediments. 

Lake aeration will help reduce the release of phosphorus from in-lake sediments. This in turn will help reduce the occurence of algal blooms during the summer months. 

Custom AirLift Series – Extra Large Lakes & Other Applications

Hydro Logic designs and builds custom aeration systems for larger lake and reservoir aeration projects. We also manufacturer aeration systems for both commercial and industrial applications including: the oil and gas industry, acid mine drainage projects, wastewater treatment systems, aquaculture operations, agriculture irrigation projects and more.

Custom lake aeration systems are typically designed and installed in those lakes and reservoirs which are 50 acres in size or greater.  Our custom aeration systems often have either one or two large air compressors (5 to 150 HP) that are located at either a single or two different lake locations. Our largest custom aeration systems can accept over 100 AirPod XL air diffusers.

Custom lake aeration systems are ideal for those customers having larger lakes and reservoirs with limited access to place these larger air compressors. Most often, our larger air compressors are installed inside large enclosures or small buildings (sheds).

Installation of a Custom Hydro Logic AirLift large lake aeration system in Oradell Reservoir. This reservoir is a 750 acre drinking water reservoir located in New Jersey.

The purpose of this aeration system is to further improve lake water quality prior to treatment at the water treatment plant.

AirLift De-Icer Series

In addition to pond and lake aeration, our AirLift™ are excellent for de-icing waters around docks, boat slips and marinas. During the winter, deeper, warmer waters are moved to the surface thereby keeping all aerated areas free of ice.

The biggest advantage of using our AirLift Series aerators as de-icers is that all mechanical equipment is located onshore inside the air compressor cabinet. This makes any repair work a snap if for some reason that your de-icer unfortunately stops working.

Best Way to Mix and Aerate Pond and Lakes

Best Way to Mix Ponds and Lakes

In addition to reliability and durability, our AirLift™ and AirLift XL™ pond aerators and lake aeration systems were designed to be extremely energy efficient, thereby allowing you to enjoy low operating and maintenance costs for years to come.

Air Compressors & Cabinets


  • Energy Efficient Compressors with Thermal Overload Protection
  • Oil-Free Compressors that Require No Maintenance
  • Powder Coated Steel Compressor Cabinets with Rustproof Protection
  • Cabinets Equipped with Heavy Duty Cooling Fan & Lock
  • Class A GFCI Protection for Compressors & Cooling Fans
  • SureStart™ & AirSaver Timer™ Standard on All Aeration Systems

AirPod™ & AirPod XL™ Fine Bubble Air Diffusers

  • Contains Raised, Large HDPE Base to Eliminate Sediment Disturbance
  • Tubular Air Diffusers Constructed of EPDM Membranes
  • Largest and Most Durable Air Diffuser Units Available Today
  • Five-Year Warranty on All EPDM Membranes
  • Produces Billions of Small Bubbles Typically Ranging from 500 to 1,000 Microns
  • Designed to Maximize the Rates of Water Lift (Mixing) & Oxygen Transfer

DownUnder™ Weighted Aeration Tubing

  • Self-Weighted & Highly Durable
  • Kink Proof & Fish Hook Proof
  • Constructed of PVC Materials
  • Easy to Install & Stays on the Bottom
  • Connects Air Compressors to AirPod™ and AirPod XL™ Air Diffusers

Benefits of Aeration

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