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Pond & Lake Aeration & Aquatic Products

Pond Aerator Sizing Guide

How to Select the Right Aerator for your Pond or Lake

Refer to our AirLift Aeration Sizing Guide to quickly select an aeration system or just give us a call and we’ll assist you in selecting the best aeration system for your pond or lake.

For larger lakes, Hydro Logic Products recommends installing several AirLift aeration systems at one or several lakeside locations. Another option is to allow us to design and build a custom system to meet your specific aeration needs.

Why Aerate Your Pond?

Learn more about why you should aerate your pond or lake

How AirLift Aerators Work

Learn how AirLift pond aerators & lake aeration systems work

The AirLift Advantage

Learn why AirLift pond & lake aerators  are the best in the industry

AirPod Air Diffusers

Learn why our AirPod air diffusers are the most durable & reliable

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