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Hydro Logic Products is a pond and lake aeration system manaufacturer. We also carry our own line of pond bacteria additives and pond dyes. Our pond and lake aeration systems are sold under the AirLift™ name. Our AirLift pond and lake aeration systems are second to none when it comes to performance, energy efficiency and durability. Our AirLift pond aerators and lake aeration systems are professional grade equipment at affordable prices. All of our AirLift aeration systems were designed and field tested by our professional team of engineers, aquatic biologists and lake managers.

In addition, Hydro Logic builds custom AirLift aeration systems for larger lake and reservoir aeration projects. We also manufacturer aeration systems for both commercial and industrial applications including: the oil and gas industry, acid mine drainage, wastewater treatment, aquaculture, agriculture and more. 

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 Improving Water Quality & Clarity Naturally

Aeration + Bacteria Additives + Dyes = Healthy, Balanced & Attractive Aquatic Ecosystems


Hydro Logic also carries its own line of line of proprietary concentrated bacteria additives (MicroLife Clear™ & MicroLife Clear Max™ ) and concentrated pond dyes (AquaSplash Blue SC™ & AquaSplash Black SC™).  MicroLife Clear is comprised of selected strains of bacillus bacteria that are highly effective in improving water quality and clarity, breaking down accumulated sediments, and reducing the buildup of noxious odors from anoxic pond and lake sediments.  AquaSplash pond and lakes dyes are extremely concentrated and highly effective in blocking out sunlight and improving pond and lake aesthetics.

Hydro Logic’s professional grade of bacteria and dye products work extremely well in conjunction with AirLift pond aerators and AirLift lake aeration systems. The net result is even greater water quality and clarity improvements naturally when all three are implemented in pond and lake systems plus other water bodies. 

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