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AirLift Lake Aeration - Before and After
Schultz Lake
Lake Water Quality Summary Report
Evaluation of AirLift Aeration System
Aeration System Completely Mixes & Aerates a 20+ acre Lake with only 1 HP!

Aqua Link, Inc., a pond and lake management and restoration company, was retained to assess whether the water quality of Schultz Lake has improved since 2002. Schultz Lake, a 20.5acre impoundment, is located in near the Town of Tunkhannock in Wyoming County, Pennsylvania. In 2002, Schultz Lake was intensively studied as part of the Smales and Schultz Lakes Phase I Diagnostic-Feasibility Study. Smales Lake is an upstream lake (impoundment) that directly flows into Schultz Lake. One of the key recommendations offered in the Phase I Study Report was to install a diffused-air aeration system in Schultz Lake to improve lake water quality.

Download Water Quality Report Download Water Quality Data
Download Water Quality Report Download Water Quality Data

In the Fall 2005, a custom AirLift diffused-air aeration system, manufactured by Hydro Logic Products. The custom AirLift aeration system consisted of a single custom cabinet containing three 1/3 H.P dual piston air compressors, four AirPod XL air diffusers and 2,000 feet of DownUnder self-weighted air supply tubing. This custom AirLift aeration system is equivalent to installing two standard AirLift aeration systems: one AirLift 1XL system and one AirLift 3XL system.

The AirLift aeration system was first turned on in April 2006 and was allowed to run through September 2006. In October 2006, the aeration system was turned off and remained turned off through March 2007. Once again, the AirLift aeration system was turned back on in April 2007 and remained fully operational through September 2007.

Based upon our assessment, lake aeration has significantly improved the water quality of Schultz Lake. Presently, the lake is thoroughly mixed and well oxygenated from surface to bottom. This phenomenon has allowed in-lake phosphorus concentrations to significantly decrease, thereby promoting less algae growth and improved water clarity. In addition, high dissolved oxygen concentrations in the bottom water have allowed for a substantial decrease the internal release of nutrients by anoxic lake sediments. Potentially toxic ammonia nitrogen was virtually eliminated from the lake due to its conversion to nitrate nitrogen and nitrogen gas under oxygenated conditions. Lastly, field observations during the study indicated the largemouth bass, bluegill and crappie fishery appears to be in excellent condition. Aqua Link observed large bass and bluegill spawning in early June. Young-of-year of both species also were observed in the lake in August.

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