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Hydro Logic Products Featured in Penn State Pond Management Videos! Penn State and the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission produced a series of 8 pond management videos, featuring our AirLift™ pond and lake aeration systems plus our brands of bacteria (MicroLife Clear 50 Bacteria and Barley Straw) and pond dyes (AquaSplash Blue Pond Dye). Funding for these videos was provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 3, Pesticide Misuse Initiative under Grant Agreement 97337101. For more information, go to the Penn State website.

SureStart™ and AirSaver Timer™ Technologies Standard on all AirLift™ Aeration Systems! All of our dual piston air compressors are outfitted with our proprietary SureStart™ technology. This allows automatic restart of the air compressor under full pressure during any power outage (blackouts or brownouts) without damaging the air compressor motor. This provides the pond or lake owner with another option to further reduce the annual operating costs if so desired. Learn more about the AirLift Aeration Advantage.

Why Aerate your Pond or Lake? How Does AirLift Aeration Work?
The AirLift Aeration Advantage AirPod Air Diffusers – The Most Durable!
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