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AirLift 5™

Lake and Pond Aeration Cabinet AirLift 5
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Pond & Lake AirLift™ Aeration Benefits
Increase Dissolved Oxygen Concentrations Reduce Buildup of Poisonous Gases
Eliminate Stress to Fish & Aquatic Organisms Reduce Release of Noxious Odors
Increase Water Clarity (Transparency) Reduce the Accumulation of Sediments
Reduce Algal Blooms (Algae) May Reduce Nuisance Levels of Aquatic Plants
Reduce High Metal Concentrations No Electricity in the Water
Reduce Nutrient Releases by Anoxic Sediments Warranties on all System Components

Hydro Logic Products® AirLift 5™ pond and lake aeration systems are designed and built to cost effectively mix and aerate ponds and lakes. Our systems use billions of micron sized bubbles to improve pond and lake water quality. Our AirLift 5™ aeration system can aerate ponds and lakes up to 10-acres in size depending on air diffuser placement, nutrient concentrations, biological oxygen demand (BOD), water depth and other physical characteristics of the waterbody.

Our AirLift 5™ aeration system is powered by two 1/3 H.P. energy efficient, dual piston air compressors equipped with our proprietary SureStart™ and AirSaver Timer™ technologies. Our dual piston air compressors, which can deliver air under high pressures (water depths up to 35 feet), operate very quietly (55 decibels at 2 meters or 6 feet). In comparison, the noise levels of our air compressors are about 15 decibels less than equivalent rotary vane air compressors.

Our AirLift 5™ aeration system contains five AirPod™ air diffusers. Each AirPod™ contains a self-cleaning 24-inch tube, EPDM flexible membrane air diffuser equipped with a triple check valve system. Our air diffusers are constructed to withstand total airflow from the compressors without damaging the EPDM membranes (unlike EPDM disc air diffusers). The base of the AirPod™ provides a large surface area between the EPDM membrane and the sediments, thereby preventing sediment disturbance during system operation. The AirPods™ are extremely easy to install. Simply fill the two ballast tubes with pea gravel or sand prior to their placement in the pond or lake.

Compressed air from our dual piston compressors is delivered to the AirPods™ using our DownUnder™ self-weighted tubing. DownUnder™ air supply tubing is constructed of a flexible PVC composite and is kink proof and puncture resistant. Our easy to install tubing comes in several different lengths and diameters to meet your installation needs.

Two 1/3 HP dual piston air compressors with integral thermal motor overload protection
Produce high airflow volumes (9.8 scfm open flow) & operate under high pressures (30 psi max.)
Oil-less air compressors that are virtually maintenance free
SureStart™ technology allows air compressors to restart under pressure after power outages
AirSaver Timer™ allows air compressors to turn on/off at different time intervals
High air pressure allows diffusers to be cleaned in ponds or lakes (unlike rotary vane compressors)
U.L. listed, 115 volt & 8.4 amps for typical operating pressure of 8 psi
5-micron air filter maximizes air compressor life expectancy
Easy field repairs - plumbing connections with swivel fittings & flexible 220 psi tubing
Noise reduction - mounted on cylindrical vibration pads & connected to flexible tubing
Extremely quiet operation (55 decibels @ 2 meters or 6 feet @ 20 psi)
Two-year warranty (best in the industry)
Lake and Pond Compressor

Our dual piston air compressors are outfitted with our proprietary SureStart™ technology. This allows automatic restart of the air compressors under full pressure during any power outage (blackouts or brownouts) without damaging the air compressor motors. Our AirSaver Timer™ allows the air compressors to be turned on/off at different time intervals (adjustable up to 10-hours). This provides the pond or lake owner with another option to further reduce the annual operating costs if so desired. All air compressors are oil-less, thermally protected and require no lubrication. The air compressors include rotors/stators manufactured with the most advanced magnetic materials, sealed heavy-duty precision bearings and starting capacitors. The only required routine maintenance is periodically changing the 5-micron air filters. Compressors can typically operate approximately 3 years or more before any decline in performance is observed. This is 2 to 3 times better performance over standard piston, diaphragm and rotary vane compressors. Thereafter, the air compressors can be easily serviced by replacing the piston seals. Airflow versus pressure performance curves for our dual piston compressors vary less than for diaphragm and rotary vane compressors. This simply means that means that dual piston compressors provide more air while using less energy. Lastly, our dual piston air compressors can operate under high pressures, thereby allowing the air diffuser membranes to be easily cleaned without pulling the AirPods from the pond or lake.

Commercial grade, 14-gauge steel cabinet that is rustproof & vandal resistant
Powder coated, forest green finish to blend into its surroundings
Easy access design with lock & key for added security
6½ foot 3 prong plug for easy connection to standard 2-pole 3 wire 15A/20A electrical outlet
Electrical circuits are Class "A" GFCI protected with a trip 4-6mA trip rating
Ball bearing fan-cooled to maximize life of air compressors
Manifold equipped with Viton sealed valves to precisely control the airflow to AirPod diffusers
Heavy duty (24”L x 24”W x 2”H) HDPE mounting pad included
Overall dimensions (24”L x 24”W x 24.6”H)
Five-year warranty (best in industry)
Lake and Pond Aeration Cabinet

The commercial-grade cabinet is constructed of 14-gauge steel with forest green electro-statically bonded powder coating. The cabinet is manufactured with a stamped ventilation intake grill and low resistance exhaust plenum (duct work). The cabinet comes equipped with sealed ball bearing cooling fan to maximize air compressor life and Class “A” GFCI Protection on all circuits. All cabinet components are easily disassembled using standard household tools. The cabinet includes a 5-year warranty against rust and corrosion and a 2-year warranty on all components mounted inside of the cabinet.

AirPod™ Air Diffusers
Five AirPods each equipped with single flexible, fine pore EPDM rubber membrane tube diffuser
More durable than air stone, porous media & EPDM disc diffusers
Produces extremely fine air bubbles (500 – 1,000 micron or 0.020 - 0.040 inch)
Triple check valve prevents water & sediment from entering the air supply lines
One EPDM tube diffuser is 20% larger than two 9-inch EPDM disc diffusers
Self-cleaning & very low maintenance
Large HDPE base (24”L x 18”W) to prevent sediment disturbance
Five-year warranty (best in the industry)
Air Diffuser

Each AirPod™ air diffuser contains a self-cleaning 24-inch, EPDM flexible membrane tube diffuser equipped with a triple check valve system. The triple check valve prevents water and sediment from flowing back into the air supply lines during system shut down. The EPDM tube air diffuser is mounted to heavy-duty PVC strut with ratcheting tie-downs to provide easy assembly/disassembly. The above components are secured to a large HDPE base. Two hollow ballast tubes are anchored beneath the base. The ballasts tubes are designed so that pea gravel or sand can be easily added to these tubes during installation.

DownUnder™ Self-weighted Air Supply Tubing
Over-sized 0.625 inch I.D. for low-pressure drop applications*
Heavy-duty wall thickness for durability
Self-weighted for easy installation
Kink proof & puncture resistant
Available in 100 ft. (boxed) and 500 ft. (roll) lengths
15-year warranty (best in the industry)
* DownUnder™ air supply tubing is also available in 3/8 inch I.D. (0.375 in.) for smaller pond and lake applications
1/2" Self-weighted Tubing 3/8" Self-weighted Tubing

DownUnder™ air supply tubing is constructed of a flexible PVC composite and is self-weighted in order to firmly remain along the pond or lake bottom after the installation. Sections of DownUnder™ tubing are connected together using standard PVC solvent weld cement and ½ inch insert fittings. DownUnder™ air supply tubing has low friction walls (0.625 inch I.D.) for maximizing airflow rates and minimizing air pressure drops. Our DownUnder™ tubing is designed to reduce the overall system pressure requirements and to extend the life of the air compressors. The wall thickness of 0.225 inches provides long-term durability and protection against kinking and punctures. The air supply tubing remains flexible in cold temperatures allowing for easy year-round installations.

5/8" Reel Dimensions 3/8" Reel Dimensions

Important Notice: Install all electrical equipment in accordance with Article 680 of the National Electrical Code and all local codes. Hydro Logic Products reserves the right to improve and modify our system designs and/or specifications without notice or obligation

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