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Custom Aeration Systems - Koi Ponds, Fish Ponds, Farm Ponds, Lakes and More

In some instances, a custom designed system may be your most practical, cost-effective solution for aerating your pond or lake.  We have designed systems for Koi ponds, fish ponds and farm ponds, lakes, marinas, lagoons, and more.  With a larger body of water, aeration becomes much more cost effective if  the amount of air supply tubing is minimized.  Also, larger compressors can be used which may help reduce the initial investment and maintenance costs.  Larger diameter air supply tubing can also be special ordered along with custom designed air diffusers.  There are many benefits than can be realized by designing a custom aeration system to fit your pond or lake.

Hydro Logic Products is uniquely qualified to meet your special aeration needs. For more information, please contact us and let our exerienced design team assist you with your project.

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