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Pond Aerator - AirLift Aeration Advantage

Cutting Edge Aeration Technology at Very Affordable Prices

Extremely Reliable, Energy Efficient Dual Piston Air Compressors
More Efficient & Effective than Water Fountains
No Electricity in the Water
Tubular AirPod™ Air Diffusers are Virtually Indestructible
More Durable than EPDM round disk diffusers
Five-Year Warranty on All Air Diffusers
Largest Air Diffusers on the Market Today
Air Diffusers are Self-Cleaning and Maintenance-Free
Diffusers Constructed of Durable EPDM Rubber Membranes
No More Cleaning or Replacing Inferior Stone (Ceramic) Air Diffusers
No Water Hazards such as Water Fountain Floats & Anchoring Cables
Can be Sized Specifically for Your Pond or Lake
SureStart™ allows Air Compressors to Quickly Restart after Power Outages under pressure
AirSaver Timer™ allows Air Compressors to be Turned On/Off at various Time Intervals (optional)
AirPod XL in Action
Why Aerate your Pond or Lake? How Does AirLift Aeration Work?
The AirLift Aeration Advantage AirPod Air Diffusers – The Most Durable!
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